"Your Shoe's Untied" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season two. In this episode, SpongeBob forgets how to tie his shoes.



The episode starts out with SpongeBob watching TV, supposedly "looking for the sports channel." Patrick comes bursting through the door with his hands inside a pair of shoes. When SpongeBob asks to see them on his feet, Patrick confesses that he does not know how to tie his laces. SpongeBob says that he will teach Patrick, untying his own shoes to demonstrate. However, SpongeBob's attempts to tie them again end in failure. After convincing Patrick to come back later, SpongeBob faces the realization that he can't remember how to tie his shoes, as they have remained tied ever since his life began. When a good night's sleep fails to jog his memory, he decides to set the problem aside for the time being and get a move on to work. Moving, however, presents a problem as SpongeBob trips over his untied laces every step of the way to the Krusty Krab.

SpongeBob finally arrives, only to find Patrick already there eating a Krabby Patty. Not wanting to look foolish in front of Patrick, he pounds his feet through the floorboards so that Patrick can't see them. Patrick only suspects SpongeBob of dieting, so SpongeBob takes care to keep his shoes hidden as he trudges to the kitchen. Even through his exhaustion, SpongeBob realizes he still has to cook, and that doing so standing in one spot will be simple enough. However, bringing the order to Squidward across the room presents a daunting challenge. He tries shuffling over, millimeters at a time, but gets practically nowhere. With one gingerly step forward, he trips and catapults the Krabby Patty into Squidward's mouth. This mishap repeats several times until Squidward is engorged with Krabby Patties.

Mr. Krabs occupied with a crossword in the bathroom, hears disgruntled customers leaving to eat at the Chum Bucket. He bursts out in his underwear and demands to know why his customers have left. Squidward replies with some difficulty that SpongeBob is to blame, and Mr. Krabs calls for SpongeBob to present himself. Feeling ashamed, SpongeBob tells Mr. Krabs that he can't remember how to tie his shoes and asks him for help. Mr. Krabs solemnly informs him that he, in fact, does not wear shoes.

In desperation, SpongeBob starts asking anyone he can find if they know how to tie a knot. Failing to find someone who actually wears shoes, SpongeBob's cries of anguish summon The Flying Dutchman. As it so happens, the Dutchman has held the title of Fancy Knotting Contest Champion for 3,000 years and is confident he can teach SpongeBob a thing or two about knots. He demonstrates various knots of increasing complexity, but is stumped when SpongeBob asks for a knot for tying shoes. The Dutchman admits that he doesn't need to tie his shoes as, being a ghost, he no longer has feet. This fact doesn't impede his enjoyment of wearing a sock on his ghostly tail.

SpongeBob drags himself home thinking that his shoes will forever remain untied, but Gary, surprisingly, ties his shoes for him. Gary also reveals that he himself wears a pair. Amazed, SpongeBob asks Gary where he learned to tie them. Gary reveals a record player underneath his shell and puts on a record of the song "Loop De Loop," which finally teaches SpongeBob how to tie his shoes perfectly.