"The Getaway" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season ten. In this episode, when Spongebob mistakes an escaped convict for his driving instructor, it's the new teacher who learns a lesson.



SpongeBob is having a boating lesson with Mrs. Puff, and while he was driving, he arrives around the cemetery. He accidentally crashes into a recently dug grave, and then Mrs. Puff wishes she doesn't have to teach him. SpongeBob then reverses his way towards the Bikini Bottom Jail. Mrs. Puff quickly gets off the boat and says that she doesn't care who teaches him as long as she doesn't have to teach him. Mrs. Puff then goes to the phone box to phone another driving instructor.

Soon, an escaped convict, Stickyfins Whiting, arrives and immediately sits in the boat. Stickyfins then tells SpongeBob to drive as fast as he can. Mrs. Puff quickly shouts at SpongeBob to come back, but then she realizes that she said she wanted SpongeBob back even though she sincerely doesn't. Later, another escaped convict, Dorsal Dan, arrives to pick up Stickyfins.

Back at Mrs. Puff's boat, Stickyfins notices the police are chasing them, then tells him to drive crazily. SpongeBob soon drives like crazy, smashing into building by building. SpongeBob then smashes into the balcony of a fancy restaurant. Taking advantage of the fancy restaurant, Stickyfins steals all of the expensive belongings of other people, and then soon escapes to the streets. Stinkyfins immediately tells SpongeBob to turn around and drive on the correct direction to avoid being noticed in the large crowd of drivers.

Later, Dorsal Dan noticed the mess, and tells Mrs. Puff that SpongeBob and Stickyfins escaped. He then introduces himself to Mrs. Puff. Then Mrs. Puff starts to like how he talks and behaves, feeling romance.

Stickyfins then arrives at a jewelry store, then tells SpongeBob that distracted drivers are dangerous, and that distracting the salesman in the jewelry store can help with "abstract thinking." SpongeBob then distracts the salesman with various mimicking of abstract thoughts. Soon, Stickyfins steals all of the jewelry in the store, then gets away along with SpongeBob. They then go to the electronics store to steal more stuff. Later on, Mrs. Puff and Dorsal Dan notice the jewelry store has been robbed.

SpongeBob then drives to the boat wash to wash the boat. Stickyfins is angry with what SpongeBob is doing with the boat. Later, Mrs. Puff feels more romance towards Dorsal Dan. Soon, a passing truck blows away the bubbles and reveals that SpongeBob is driving with an escaped convict. SpongeBob drives faster and then crashes into a golf course called "Driving Range." Soon, everyone is golfing golfballs onto Stickyfins. They then quickly drive away. Stickyfins then cries about what has happened.

Soon, the police are chasing Stickyfins again. Mrs. Puff and Dorsal Dan notice Stickyfins and SpongeBob. Stickyfins is begging for help, while SpongeBob tells Mrs. Puff that the "new driving instructor" is helping him to drive in a very new way. Mrs. Puff advises him to keep eyes on the road at all times. Hearing this, SpongeBob literally does this, dropping his eyes onto the road, instead of watching the road. Dorsal Dan near-misses a fall from the cliff by swiftly turning. SpongeBob doesn't turn, so falls down the cliff. The police also chase them down the cliff. Stickyfins struggles to escape the boat, but then the boat crashes onto the Bikini Bottom Jail. Stickyfins then admits he doesn't want to leave jail, and begs the lawyer and prison guards not to leave prison, then quickly runs towards a solitary cell.

Later, Dorsal Dan is found by the police and then taken into the same solitary cell as Stickyfins has. Mrs. Puff begs them not to take him away. Later, police cars fall onto the Bikini Bottom Jail grounds. The police officers are all safe, advising the audience, "Drive safely, and always wear your seat belt!."


  • When Stickyfins is hit by the Coral it spells "Kaz" which is the writer