"Mimic Madness" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season ten. In this episode, SpongeBob learns that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.



Mr. Krabs makes some new rules and goes to his office while Squidward imitates him behind his back but Mr. Krabs hears him however, Squidward lies that he was imitating him out of flattery. SpongeBob believes this lie and decides to mimic/imitate people for business, and also because he heard that "imitation plus flattery equals happy people." He first imitates a father yelling at his kids. The father and the kids become impressed with SpongeBob's mimicry. SpongeBob them imitates Squidward, who also likes his imitation. He then imitates Patrick, who thinks he's looking at his real self.

SpongeBob then imitates Sandy and Plankton, while they were playing a game of checkers. Sandy admires the imitation, but Plankton says that "The voice is all wrong." He also imitates the French Narrator by saying "80 000 Imitations Later..." in his voice as the narrator complains about it. After a while, it starts to get annoying as his everyone tries to persuade him to stop, but he gets a thing called "mocking mimicry madness" and ends up forgetting who he truly is. SpongeBob's friends, including Plankton, attempt to help, but they make it worse as SpongeBob happens to mimic all of them at once to their disgust. Sandy tries to get SpongeBob to come back to his senses but his attempts cause him to have a breakdown of imitations and leaves town calling himself a freak.

SpongeBob goes to live in a cave in regrets of not remembering himself. His friends find him and end up mimicking him in order to bring back SpongeBob. It ends up working, but the others get the mocking mimicry madness and end up like SpongeBob. The episode ends with a focus of a laughing Squidward and his distraught real self demanding to be let out of his subconscious.