Larry the Lobster is a recurring side character. He is a muscular vascular red cod lobster who is a common patron and lifeguard of Bikini Bottom's popular beach, Goo Lagoon. He is known for his inconsistent appearances, but when he has a speaking role, it is normally an interaction with SandySpongeBob, or other characters in the series. He is voiced by Doug Lawrence. Larry first appears in the episode "Ripped Pants."

He is one of very many characters named "Larry" on the show: the others are Larry Luciano (a racing champion), Larry the Snail (a temporary replacement for Gary the Snail), Larry SquarePants (one of SpongeBob's cousins, mentioned in the game Operation Krabby Patty), and Pinhead Larry (a criminal in Sandy's dream).

Larry the Lobster has cameos in six video games: Employee of the MonthLights, Camera, Pants!SpongeBob SquigglePantsBattle for Bikini BottomRevenge of the Flying Dutchman, and The Yellow Avenger.