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• 10/26/2017

SpongeBob EncyclopediaPants 0.1

Hello users! We are proud to announce SpongeBob EncyclopediaPants 0.1! In this update you'll notice lots of changes and here is the ones we want to tell you:
• Easy ways to access things in home page
• Nintendo Bro 32 made 2 proposals, 1. Revise Bureaucrat requirements 2. Unblock DanzxvFan8275
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• 10/21/2017

Rebooting the Wikia!

Now that Nintendo is back, we should get this wikia running in order so it can thrive for years to come! Any suggestions? I suggest we invite all the former admins and users back here so we can continue our wiki journey to make this wikia a better place!
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• 7/18/2017

Never Ending Story (Second Wiki Edition)

The Never Ending Story version on this wiki
*No Swearing
*No Spamming
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